Spring Snow


Boston, Houghton Mifflin Company—A Peter Davison Book (1995)

175 pages; illustrated by Abigail Rorer; index Hardcover $21.95

ISBN 0-395-73098-8




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For thirty years, from 1982 to 2011, readers of The Old Farmer’s Almanac enjoyed the short “Farmer’s Calendar” essays, written by Castle Freeman, Jr. The author delights in rural experience through every season of the year, observing and participating in what happens inside the countryman’s mind and outside it. He has something to say about all aspects of modern country life, from Rototillers and chainsaws to rabbits and raccoons, from day lilies to maple sugar, from snow on the roof to mice in the woodpile. Spring Snow collects the first 13 years of Freeman’s “Farmer’s Calendar” essays in an attractive volume illustrated with the clean and elegant drawings of Abigail Rorer.


“The four seasons lovingly seized with all five senses. This is a delicious book, each page a perfect song—of mad chipmunks, mushrooms sprouting like warriors from the soil, butternuts as a Beethoven symphony. Those who live in the city will pine for the country, and those in the country will pine for Castle Freeman’s enormous gifts.”—Natalie Angier


Spring Snow is a book to keep on your bedside table, to read aloud to your family, to give to your friends. What [the author] can do in 325 words is nothing short of miraculous.”—Yankee